Corporate Video Production Service

Making the Right Choice

Whenever the need comes to create a video, whether it be a great marketing piece for your website or an ad for television placement, many business owners are tempted to save costs by producing video in-house. However few businesses have the resources, or the experience, that a corporate video production service can provide. If you are currently weighing these costs and benefits, this article examines the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

To those with little experience in producing video, beyond perhaps editing home videos on your PC, it may be unclear what benefits you may gain from outsourcing your production. Depending on your choice of video creation companies, there may not be a single answer, due to the variation in this type of business and the services provided. However, there are a couple of things that, in general, you can expect to receive.

Collaborative vs. Outsourcing

One of the biggest differences between hiring a comprehensive video company versus simply renting and hiring a cameraman is that the former can collaborate with you to produce the highest quality video. Most companies assign an experienced producer to your account to partner with you in your marketing efforts. They will work with your budget and time constraints to achieve your goals for creating high-quality video content.

While ‘producer’ may mean a lot of different things to many different people, but in the context of creating marketing videos, this person engages the client to discover their objectives, shares their expertise and advice in film and marketing, and makes suggestions about ways to accomplish those objectives. In this sense, these professionals serve as collaborative consultants on your projects.

On the other hand, a cameraman’s expertise is simply that, cameras and capturing images on film. This is not to say that some cameramen and women do not have experience in production as well, however it depends on the individual service provider. Typically, these professionals work on a freelance basis going from project to project. Often when not hired directly by clients, they may be hired by video producers.

Post – Production

Beyond offering a collaborative approach and specialized expertise in creating marketing videos, comprehensive service will also shine in their post-production and editing capabilities. The skills required for post-production depend on the type of video being created. Whether you are looking for top-notch special effects or a producer who is more of a storyteller, or even a documentarian.

There may be an additional benefit in having the post-production managed by the collaborative producer who has had involvement since the very beginning of the project. From this perspective, they are more able to conceptualize the finer details of the video to make sure you get the best possible video to meet your needs.